Why our company?

We can only prove our claims to be true with an opportunity to create some designs, proposals or quotes for you. We aren't insistent on contracts when it comes to "business retention" so you won't find yourself in a formal agreement unless that's how you like to work. We prefer to remain as flexible as we can, allowing our client relationships to evolve naturally with the minimum amount of restrictions in place. We can easily develop a bespoke trial solution with minimal disruption and no obligation in order for you to see how you like the CBS way of working.


We offer a variety of ways to leverage your creative genius and turn it into success.

Customer Service

We are a family business that prides itself on a high level of customer service and a commitment to be involved in reaching the goals of your particular project.

More Saving

Accomplish the goals with less money out of pocket.


We always ensure that we deliver on time as stipulated.

How we do it?

What's it going to take? We believe that every business owner deserves the best advisors who think broadly about your business and in whom you can trust. We will always let you know if you need other expertise to get the best result. At CBS we offer a variety of ways to leverage your creative genius and turn it into success.

At CBS, we feel that you are engaging our services for a reason. You are paying for our service, but also our experience and expertise. When you bring a project to us, we prefer to interact in a discussion about your goals, your measure of success, your mailing list hygiene, and your budget. With many customers, suggestions are made on ways to save money on postage or accomplish the goals with less money out of pocket. In short, your business is as important to us as our own.

  • Printing of : Posting date and statement.
  • Barcodes on statement
  • Address labeling
  • Preparing of effective statement formats and templates.
  • Quality Offset printing of brochure & Leaflets.
  • Document Archiving Solutions.
  • Delivery of Corporate Accounts to selected customer.
  • Managing & Processing of your customer Return Mails.
  • Data Merging and programming.
  • Scanning & Data Capture Facilities.
  • Host to host Facilities with lines to internet.
  • Processing of Registered Mails and delivery to GPO.
  • Bulk Materials Procurement.
  • Stock Management of Materials (Computer Form, Brochure etc.).
  • Envelope Supplier.
  • General Printing (Digital/Off-set).
  • Courier Services.
  • Hand Delivery Services.
  • Manual (Man Power) Handling Services.